The Enugu State Government has warned its residents against erecting structures on waterways, dumping waste and refuse on drainages, and deliberately obstructing canals. This warning comes as the state has commenced the reinforcement of different means to address the imminent erosion and environmental challenges it is predicted to face within the next couple of months.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency and the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency recently warned that parts of the state would be affected by flooding ranging from low to moderate-risk flooding.

In response to these warnings, the state government has constituted a task force to assist in controlling and mitigating the impact of the flooding. The task force comprises members from different professional agencies in the state, including the National Emergency Management Agency, the State Emergency Management Agency, the Enugu State Waste Management Authority, the Enugu State Ministry of Health, and the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority.

The task force will be responsible for clearing debris from drainages, dredging waterways, and identifying buildings that have been constructed on waterways. The task force will also work with local government officials to evacuate illegal structures and block drainages.

The Secretary to the State Government, Prof. Chidiebere Onyia, appealed to public members to cooperate with the task force while carrying out their lawful duties. He urged residents to identify buildings on waterways and report them to the task force. Onyia also stressed the importance of enforcing building regulations and prosecuting sanitary offenses.

He said that these measures would help to mitigate the adverse effects of erosion, prevent the outbreak of waterborne diseases, and protect the lives of citizens.

Finally, the Enugu State Government is taking steps to address the imminent erosion and environmental challenges that the state is facing. The establishment of the task force is a significant step in this effort. The task force will work with residents and local government officials to ensure that the state is prepared for the upcoming rainy season.

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