Mikel Arteta successfully persuaded Kai Havertz to join Arsenal, utilizing their close relationship developed during their time together at Chelsea. Arteta effectively communicated his vision for the club and the role Havertz would play, leading to the midfielder’s agreement.

Arsenal acted swiftly in pursuing Havertz, reaching an agreement with Chelsea before other clubs could intervene. They also quickly finalized personal terms with Havertz, ensuring his signature. With previous experience at Bayer Leverkusen and Chelsea, Havertz is mentally prepared to join Arsenal as his third senior team.

According to Havertz, the squad’s team mentality is remarkably high, making Arsenal a challenging opponent. The presence of numerous talented players provides ample opportunity for achieving great things. The acquisition of Havertz is a significant victory for Arsenal, as his talent positions him as a potential star in the Premier League.

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